(824) Director: It was a sunny day, the sun was shining, and not to mention it was hot cause the sun. No, seriously, its sunny, noon, sky is high in the sky. Its not important, but just wanted to be clear. It was a large auditorium, people were packed in, photographers were in front, taking pictures as the place heated up. Waiters and such were walking around, serving drinks, little snacks, as the models walked on the stage. On the side, there was a gift shop, not quite open yet however, but when it would open, it would unveil the calenders for the models, as well as a few of pictures of the show pieces, and the catalog to order some of the more... fantasful clothing. (repost.)
** (890) Rhazul pops a pill **
(896) Wicked One (enter): 00:13
** (861) Roseary slipped onto the sence mostly just to check out what is the lasted and hottest. How ever looking much differnt from last time anyone may have seen her. She still has retained her strangly green hair, but many of her features have turned rather demonic looking in nature. Her skin is a strange deep blue color, a tthick blue rtail curles and swishes behind her as it pops out from under her short skit. Horns seem to have started growing from her head and looks like could be gripped fully with some horn to spare by a human hand. Small leathery black wings also seem to be growing from her back between where her two peice punkish outfit. But, also if smeet with a direct look in her eyes it seems nthey at black with a golden colored and slitted irises. She sits at a table munching on some ort of salad or the like admiring the new fashions from afar. **
** (890) Rhazul is feeling hungry and decides to poof himself a slice of pizza. No way in hell he's paying for all these fancy foods on his teacher/director/instructor/coach salary **
(896) Wicked One: (Whats scene and stuff?)
** (890) Rhazul sees the odd hair coloring on the demoness "I once knew a girl with hair like that" *takes a bite, chews, and swallows in one quick motion* "She had the odd tendency to catch on fire at inopportune moments" **
(833) Jason: "So Paul." Jason starts talking to one of his co-workers. He had been invited there--even paid for!--by his co-worker Paul. Jason strongly suspected that the cheap bastard somehow won the tickets. He had made his way to the building, cane out in front, dressed in a button-up shirt, trying to make his way through the crowds. "You know I don't like crowds, right?" He bumps into a few people as he tries to make his way forward. "And this is like, the first time we've gotten to hang out in weeks, right?" To him, the room was dark as though on an overcast night. Heat still managed to wear on him--probably all the people. "So you choose to bring me--me--to a place like this? What the blithering hell, Paul... Paul? Paul..." Jason turns his body, as though looking around for someone. "...Goddamn it Paul."
(833) Jason: He realized he was talking to himself.
** (861) Roseary peeking up from her salad, in fact besides the skin coloring and other odditys she did in fact look just like her. "Funny, I knew someone like that too..Then she changed her look." She snickers slightly to herself her tail swishing up from below her table then back down under it. **
(890) Rhazul: "Neat tail. Is it prehensile?"
(824) Director: (Rhazul, try to give a little more detail please.)
** (896) Ni'varia appeared on scene at the event, The halfling in her petite and pretty dress easily mistaken for a child model, if not for the large chest given to her. She'd march around with mild interest simply watching the going ons and beings there. Easily as pretty as any of these "Models" and damned more talented then any of them as well. **
** (890) Rhazul shrugs at her snicker and then notices her very long tail "Neat tail. Is it prehensile?" he said as if he talked to demoness' every other day **
(890) Rhazul: (( is that better? ))
(904) Super Nayomi (enter): 00:20
(904) Super Nayomi (exit): 00:20
(824) Director: (Barely, but we can work on it.)
** (891) Thanos wanders about nursing a drink as another waiter passes her she adjusts he overcoat revealing a very vintage 3-peice suit. She notices the man talking to himself pulls her fedora off revealing short utilitarian, radiantly blond hair. She attempts to walk over to the man femininly(sp) but has that military cadence kind of step built into her. She adjusts her tie and removes her hat and trench feeling the stuffiness of the air. "Did you loose your freind?" she asks Jason. She adjusts the items delicately into the crook of her arm waiting for an answer. **
(891) Earynn: ((Whoops forgot the alias))
** (861) Roseary with a bit of a shake of her head. "No, not really...I can't grab things with it. But I can control it well enough.." She just leaves the last few words hanging and returns her attention to the salad. Seeming to have misplaced the proper fork in the mess of silverwear provided. **
(890) Rhazul: (( its not as if i can put a whole lot of detail around a 5 word sentence ))
(778) Nizhoni (enter): 00:24
(901) N: (y halo thar... DAT NIZ)
** (833) Jason sighs, pointedly. He contemplates trying to find some alchohol, but figured the only thing they'd sell here was wine. Then he hears it, prehensile tail. That was a peculiarity, although one he heard could be cfound in Epitome City. He had yet to experience it himself. He tries wondering closer, through the crowds, and winds up almost knocking over a waiter with his cane. A few apologies are exchanged and he replies to Roseary from a little ways away. "So that's not just a prop on your costume? I was going to compliment the designer." **
(904) Super Nayomi (enter): 00:24
(904) Super Nayomi (exit): 00:25
(904) Super Nayomi (enter): 00:25
** (890) Rhazul motions to the chair opposite Roseary on her small 2-seater table "Do you mind if i sit?" he says nicely sounding half assured she would say yes out of common courtesy half afraid she would say no because he honestly didn't know how demoness' behaved **
(890) Rhazul: (( is that better now? ))
(833) Jason: ((You are moving in the correct direction))
(890) Rhazul: (( do you want wall o' texts with every post or something? ))
** (861) Roseary turns to Jason seemingly to be mildy frusrated with her fork hunting. "No it's very real, but thank you anyways." She gives a slight smiel as if thinking of something. "It was recently added I suppose you could stil lsay it was deisgned for me..just not a prop or clothing way." **
(824) Director: (No, but that was far better.)
** (861) Roseary gives a slight nod to Rhazul, then smiels softly. "I'm Rose...I think we have meet before in fact." She pushes her salad bowl away from her, and tipping the thing up still looking tfor that fork that seems to have dissappeared on her. **
** (890) Rhazul sits down "Looking for something?" **
** (833) Jason quirks an eyebrow enough to be noticible, even behind the sunglasses. "Does this place have some mad scientists on staff I don't know about...? Of course with plastic surgery these days..." Jason trails off, contemplating. **
(890) Rhazul: (( sorry i had to quick post there ))
whispering to Rhazul, Hey man, do you read books?
(824) Director: As the last model, modeling mundane clothes like bikinis, and dresses, and other such things. The announcers piped up. "Now, time for the main event, I know all you super fans out there have been waiting for this, the time to unveil our line for supers! Don't worry audience, we won't tell who you are." The announcer says in a joking tone. "First off, we have Janet, sporting the newest edition of the thunder dome. Thunderdome zero!" As a brunette walks out the line. Her outfit was more or less a yelow bikini, except it was shaped in a lightning bolt fashion, with the bolts coliding between her breasts and down by her nether regions. Around the collision parts, there were yellow topaz's, and a few little glittery tastles all over. As she comes to the end, she does a little spin, and then raises her hands, as little bolts of lightning shoot out. Completely fake howeve,r nothings damaged, all just flashy show effects, before she heads back down the isle. "Boy, I'd let her shock me back to life any day." The announcer chips in.
** (861) Roseary giggles slightly at Jason words. "Sure lets go with that, I'm about halfway thought me surgery, get back to me in about two weeks hun." She gives him a little wink and begins to pat down her clothing some. **
(894) Lana (enter): 00:29
** (891) Earynn follows the man through the crowd a bit more gracefully then he did. At one point speeding up to avoid one waiter and quick pirouette with a bit of flourish around another. People who talk to themselves they should not be leift alone "Oh Roseary hi how are you?" she says as if she knows you from somewhere. **
Super Nayomi is creating room '(AO) EC: Just another day at school....'
(904) Super Nayomi (exit): 00:30
(778) Nizhoni (exit): 00:30
(894) Lana (exit): 00:30
(833) Pathway: "...You lost me." Then the line of supers. "He won't say who they are... but first up is Janet? I hope that's a fake name..." Jason muses. He, notably, doesn't even turn towards the runway.
(813) [Kitty] (Hart) (enter): 00:31
** (861) Roseary watching the frist few girls walk out on stage. "Ugh..even I wouldnt wear that..A lightning bolt really?" She looks a bit disgusted then tilts her head over to Earynn. "Oh hello, do I know you?" She smiles gently being as polit as she could be really. **
** (890) Rhazul notices that roseary seems to be sifting through her salad searching for something "You looking for something?" he said curiously **
(824) Director: (No no, these are outfits designed as like, underwear/etc for supers. Basically for those who like to dress up as naughty super heroes. The models arn't supers themselves :P )
(833) Pathway: ((Pfft. Like Jason knows that. :P))
(787) Super Nayomi (enter): 00:33
(833) Jason: ((Oh wow))
(833) Jason: ((Wrong alias))
** (833) Jason did everything Pathway was alleged to do. :x)) **
(891) Earynn: "Oh, right I guess we haven't met yet well atleast not like this, Yeah?" she offers a hand "Earynn pleased to meet you again it seems." her watery blue-grey eyes shinning.
** (861) Roseary smiles gently meeting with her gaze her golden slited eyes shining a bit. "Well pleased to meet you. May I ask you know me? Are you a fan as well?" **
** (890) Rhazul sighs and gives up. The young demoness was obviously not interested in anything he had to say and was distracted by this newcomer. He resigned to sit back and watch the show boredly. He didn't even remember why he came here in the first place. Probably forgot to take his medicine or something **
(759) Sayge [OOC]: ( hmm.. what character to play.. )
(891) Earynn: "No, we had sushi together a while back. I thought it was a bit silly you didn't know how to use chopsticks. Kevin and Will tried to teach you. Though I think you had green hair then" she continues to ramble on non-sensically about evil Maho Shujo robots pretending to be allies of justice and the power of Moe prevailing.
** (833) Jason tilts his head to the side and leans on his cane, keeping silent amongst the crowd as the three speak. He gestures away annoying waiters with ordervs (sp). "It looks like we picked the good table, eh?" He leans over to Rhazul and whispers quietly--probably not quietly enough to be actually stealthy, though. **
** (861) Roseary giggles slightly and nods a bit, infact she stil ldoes have green hair. Just a load of extra things now. Such as the blue skin, tail, horns, and tiny wings. "IOh I'm so sorry I must have forgotten we should get together another time then!" **
(833) Jason: "So, you mentioned fans... At the risk of making a total bore of myself, why would you have fans? Pretty sure I'd remember a pretty voice like yours if I heard it over the radio or something..."
(824) Director: Next comes out cerulean sea, waring a gem stone encrusted blue nighty like outfit, with fabric that seemed to ripple across ehr body, as the producer made another water related pun. This continued for a while, as the lights would move around, pictures taken, and new outfits would be unveiled, there was a cat based hero one, a demon one, a angel one, one called kitchen woman, better to not mention that one. There was a harleh quine-esque one, which got many roars of approval, and a plant one. Finally, "And now, ladies and gentlemen, the suit of the hour, worn by Gemini Summers, the gemfire!" As Gemini comes out. She is wearing the gemfire outfit, basically a bikini thats wrapped tightly around her breasts and body, coated in dangling crystals, with three little ruby clasps, one on the left and right of the bottom, and one in between her breasts, nestled safetly between her boosoms. As she makes her way to the front, she holds up her hands, and fake pillars of flame arrise, as she moves back towards the rest of the models, as they line up. It should be noted that all the girls were wearing special masks, that covered around their noses and eyes, as they bowed to the crowd, and the lights came on fully rather than focusing on the stage.
(896) Wicked One (exit): 00:41
(891) Earynn: "Yeah, we should and He's right why do you keep asking me If I'm familiar in such a way?" she looks up the bit of commotion on stage "Ooo Pyro-technics."
** (861) Roseary waves her hand a little. "Oh I'm a pop singer ac-" She is cut off by the woman one stage this time she seems acually a bit intreasted in them. "Goodness that is a neat outfit. But, whats up with the funky maskes I think someone would look much better showing their faces in stuff like those." **
(833) Jason: "Maybe they like the mistique? But, now I'm jealous--what's up there that's so appealing? I hear the flames... but presumably it's the girl?" He questions, still leaning on the cage and looking at the table. He seems remarkably unexcited, even slightly annoyed.
** (891) Earynn shrugs "Maybe they just think it's cool? Kevin says I should wear a mask more often. I don't know if he was just being cruel or if it was a honest suguestion." She stands and places both her overcoat and blazer over the seat leaving unbuttoning the top button from here shirt "Bit warm today isn't it?" **
** (890) Rhazul decides he is still..well hungry wasn't the right word for it because he didn't actually eat..he just wanted to taste something. So he decided to poof himself 2 chalupas and a soda on the table which he ate absent-mindedly while watching the show go on **
(890) Rhazul: *nom nom*
** (891) Earynn points to one of the chalupas and makes nomming motions "Good textures on that last one I wish we hand closer seats. I think I'd love the feel of that water one too on a cool evening just me and some candles. " she sighs thinking of the fun such silky textures could bring and shudders. **
(861) Roseary: "I've been becoming more fond of silks personly...Just the way it feels when its rest on you is so nice.." She grins a little to herself picking up completely the wrong fork poking at her salad again.
(824) Director: And so the announcer calls out, "And that ends the show, a nice show of applause for our fine models." As the girls head towards the back. "The gift shop will now be opened, selling calenders as well as the catalogue detailing the costs of all the pieces you saw today. Those who wish to ask any questions feel free to ask the woman themselves. "As some of them filter into the crowd, as living advertisements of the outfits. "And any orders are to be directed to the clerks. Everyone have a nice day, and enjoy the rest of the event."
** (890) Rhazul sees that Earynn seems to be watching his food and decides to poof her a chalupa of her own with a coke to boot **
(833) Jason: "So... no one finds the fact that there is spontaniously food on the table from nowhere odd?" Jason speaks plainly, and then mutters "... But then again, not-quite-prehensile tail..." He seems to look around the room, then back at Rhazul. The announcer does his thing, "Yeah... as fun as the idea of buying one for my wife is... I think she'd kill me." He muses absently.
** (891) Earynn inspects the food and throws Rhazul a thumps up "Mmmm Deepfreid goodness." she looks up at Rose " Rose I have to agree with your taste silk is ..'Heaven' "she says huskily very manly for woman. "Nope Do you find it odd Mr.?" **
(890) Rhazul: "The food is my doing. Would you like some" he says half-yawning somewhat bored now that the show is over
(1) Ashton (exit): 00:54
(813) [Kitty] (Hart): (( didn't i see a Jason Wong earlier? ))
(833) Jason: "...Quite frankly? Yes." He replies.
(833) Jason: ((That's Kevin Wong))
(813) [Kitty] (Hart): (( facepalms... another Kevin too ))
** (890) Rhazul moves his finger and a life sizes (6ft tall and moving on its own) marionette puppet in a waiters uniform brings jason a plate of 2 chalupas **
(787) Super Nayomi: (No, Choco, you're dead wong about that!)
(787) Super Nayomi: (dohohoho)
(890) Rhazul: (( *facepalms* ))
** (824) Gemini appears at their table, "Hello folks, I hope your all having fun." Why did she choose this table? Two reasons. 1, they had a odd demon girl who Luna had a general idea of what she looked like. 2, they were the only people here not really watching the models, so maybe they were bored? **
(890) Rhazul: (( thats not punny! ))
(833) Jason: "...I meant her, but, yanno... free food." He grabs the chalupa, sniffs it, and nibbles on it. "I just have to know, is he really glowing blue?"
** (861) Roseary tapping her finer slightly. to her chin. "Kind of a short store...I wonder if they have any of those gemfire or what ever beads or gems in the store...I'll have to go check it out they looked rather neat." She smiles a little slipping out of her chair to stand up. **
(890) Rhazul: (( is who really glowing blue? ))
(833) Jason: ((You are the only significant male presence other than myself!))
(890) Rhazul: (( you put it in quotes so i assumed you were referring to someone else since you didn't ask "are you really glowing blue?" ))
(836) Nizhoni (enter): 00:59
** (891) Earynn stands very gentlemanly for a woman and gives rose a curt nod "Would you like company?" **
(824) Gemini: (Short store?)
(803) Mindos (enter): 01:00
(803) Mindos (exit): 01:00
(890) Rhazul: "Uhh no. Im not glowing. I am just in a perpetual state of half-death. sort of"
(833) Jason: ((Snap... didn't even see Gemini's post. :x))
** (890) Rhazul says the above looking at his own skin as if it just changed for a moment and then looking back to jason in what looks to be a teacher style lecture stare **
** (890) Rhazul pops a pill **
(861) Roseary: "I would love company dear." She smiles openly and glances over Gemini. "Of course, that gemfire looked aboustly wonderful I think it would go well for me in my next prefomance!"
(833) Jason: "So, he isn't... You know, can anything at this party not appear out of nowhere?" Jason places his face in his hand, and shakes his head. "Eh, time to just accept it. They said it would be like this so..." BAM! Jason extends his hand to Gemini. "Nice to meet you, I'm Jason Massanova. This is Roseary the girl wit ha prehensile tail... some other chick who knows her, and someone who is half-dead."
(890) Rhazul: "Sort of" he adds on quickly with a hand out pointing the index finger up as if to say 'let me explain' but never actually does
** (891) Earynn smiles at Rose and nods "Earynn Mr. Massanova." **
** (824) Gemini looks back to Rose, "Oh, I'm afraid this particular outfit is only by special order. However the catalogue features all the outfits as well as sizes in the shop." Making a gesture towards it, forcing the outfit to jingle a little. "Gemini, I'm one of the models here." As she politely shakes his hand. Luna meanwhile just thinks, mentally, 'massanova? Careful of this one, he might try to be a cassanova.'. **
(833) Jason: "Are you... that explains the jingle. Still no idea why that last model got such an applause." He muses, "But I'll take the mob's word for it, I guess. We were actually just discussing, why the masks? My friends here think you'd look cuter with it off but--I'm not convinced. What's your reasoning for it?"
(861) Roseary: "Oh thats too bad...I'll have to save up likly then for it.." she sighs a bit at the news and slips back down itn oehr chair the wings behind her fluttering a little due to the sudden movements.
(824) Gemini: (Gemini was the last model, in the gem outfit by the way.)
(833) Jason: ((I'm aware. Jason is not. XD))
** (890) Rhazul poofs himself an opera mask and holds it up to his eyes "I never said that. I think masks are great" he says in a joke haughty theatre style voice **
** (890) Rhazul throws it into the air where it promptly fades into non-existence **
** (824) Gemini smiles softly to Jason, "Well, the masks are to go with the super hero theme. You can't be a super hero with your face shown to the world, now can you?" As she does a little pose, holding her hands up, palm up. **
(890) Rhazul: "I could give you one of the gemfire outfits if you would like" he offers hoping that roseary would actually respond to something he said since the 3 times he tried to talk to her since meeting
(836) Nizhoni (exit): 01:09
(833) Jason: "Aha! I knew it, it is for the mystique." Jason snaps his fingers in victory. "Although I'm not so sure, I mean we have Dr. Manhatten here and the demon girl... it seems like there are a lot of supers with nothing to lose..." He trails off, and shrugs. "But I guess that doesn't matter, for theme?"
** (861) Roseary blinks a little Rhazul. "Oh I'm sorry, you could?" She grins a little at the couner of her mouth. "You could really make it as every bit as wonderful as that one?" She motions towards Gemini, trying to do her best hiding a giggle. **
(890) Rhazul: "Did you seriously just call me Dr.Manhattan?" He says with an eyebrow raised incredulously
** (824) Gemini blinks a few times, as she looks to Rhazul, "Errrr... If you could, ummm... I really don't think that would be such a good idea. I think management would throw you out. Would youl ike me to show you to the gift shop miss?" Smiling back to Rose again. **
(833) Jason: "Oh, no, absolutely not, I would never do such a thing." He quite obviously and blatantly turns towards the girls and makes a cutting motion with his hand across his neck, as though motioning for them to be quiet. He smiles and then turns back to Rhazul. "Don't think such silly things."
** (890) Rhazul poofs a perfect copy of the gemfire outfit holding it with his mind in mid-air "What if i were to pay you for this? I could make it very worth-while. Money is no object" he says hoping she'll say yes a little more than half certain she'd say no because of some horribly stupid policy **
** (821) Laertes Ursus petitions to have 'poof' permanently decommissioned as a verb.)) **
(833) Jason: "...You have the ability to create... apparently whatever you want, and all you can think to do with it is make a bikini?" Jason tsks. "So typical of supers."
** (891) Earynn waits by rose trying to avoid sticking her foot in her mouth with the conversations going on. This city may kill me . She looks up at gemini excitiedly when she offers the gift shop but remains by Rose. Hoping to get some bonding time with the sane one of the group. **
** (861) Roseary blinks a little shen slightly giggles to herself placing both hands behind her head. Seems she accoplished what she was going for as she gives a little smug look. **
** (891) Earynn replaces poof with 'Bamph' and laughs at Ursus Silly bear malls are for .... Bears i guess.)) **
** (861) Roseary jumps a little. "Oh right gift shop!." She giggles softly, imagen what kind of havok she might have just unleashed. "I suppose we can go look lead the way miss." **
** (824) Gemini groans, and face palms. "Sir, you really should put that away..." Even though it wasn't a perfect copy, to complex to create even with the precise feat. "Your gonna get in trouble." As the girl moves to seperate away from them, "This way." Heading towards the gift shop, shaking her head, but still hasa smile on her face. **
** (890) Rhazul shrugs "I don't have plans to become a god or anything. Way too much responsibility" he says with a hint of humor in his voice **
** (890) Rhazul poofs the gemfire outfit into non-existence **
(833) Jason: "So... yeah..." Jason stares at Rhazul for a few moments, and then inches away with Gemini. "It must be hard running a business in this town... Unless you're a contractor, I guess."
** (861) Roseary she follows behind Gemini giggling softly as her tail swishes behind her sway with the movement of her hips as well as her wings swaying as the breeze produced by walking catches the leather thats streaches between them. "Fun guys.." **
** (890) Rhazul follows because...well..if jason left who was he gonna talk to? **
** (891) Earynn follows gemini and Roseary trying to emulate the more feminine of the two's gait. She succeeds momentarily then becomes trapped in the hypnotic rhythm of her shoes striking the floor in her normal militant way. "Do you think you have any of that watery one in my size?" she asks excitiedly raising herself up to her full 6'. It may be hard to guess her size because of the vintage suit's male design. **
** (824) Gemini takes them to the gift shop, motioning inside. There were calenders of the models, including gemfire, pictures of certain outfits, the girls in certain outfits, signed pictures, the catalogue from which to order from. A number of people were ordering things. "If they don't, the main store in town designs custom fitted clothing for those of different proportions, and would be more than willing to make one in your size." She says in a up beat manner, leading towards the back shop. **
(890) Rhazul: "So can you fly with those wings?" He would ask disbelievingly "It would seem like the ratio or whatever would be a problem. Usually things a human's size will have a wingspan fifteen to eighteen feet long" he says slowly droning into teacher voice toward the end
** (861) Roseary taps her chin gently. "They look so wonderful, May I keep one of these my size is changing alot recently and when things calm down so to speak I would lvoe to have one." She smiles softly looking rather polit now trather then a trouble makerl ike before before turning to Rhaz. "What your joking right? These things are tiny no way Icould fly with them." **
(890) Rhazul: "Thats what i thought" he says quietly almost like he's talking a bit to himself to confirm something "Are they going to grow?"
** (824) Gemini shakes her head, "I'm sorry, the catalogues not for sale, but if you head town to the main store on XXX street on the corner of XXX and XXX, you can order there. Is that where uhhhh..." Looking the girl over. "I'm sure they'd be able to help you." **
(861) Roseary: "I'll have to check them out, thank you.." She pills what appears to be a smart phone fro ma pocket of her skirt, sliding her figners over it she marks the loction and makes a note about it. "I -have- to have one of those.."
** (813) Gabe is as usual, a butt monkey for fate as he was recovering from his fight earlier, and missing out on the hot chicks on the current scene. Ignorance was bliss in this case as he groaned on the couch, unable to move sore muscles or limbs at this point, but sadly, his precognition vision did give him a glimpse of the gorgeous gals, and he groaned again... Butt monkey of fate.... yes he was. **
(824) Gemini: (Poor gabe. No sexy model girls for you.)
** (891) Earynn thumps through the catalogue making mental notes for when here cash flow wasn't so locked up in the gym to go over to the store and order some of the more textureds peices. Stock up on candles and let the world drif away. **
(890) Rhazul: "I have to go. I teach a dance class in 20 minutes. Bye. It was nice meeting you" he says hurriedly *poof*
(890) Rhazul: (( goodnight all ))
(833) Jason: ((G'night))
(890) Rhazul: (( i dont care about PP i already have my max this week. ))
(833) Jason: "...No, seriously, no one finds that the least bit strange?"
** (890) Rhazul divides by zero and implodes **
(890) Rhazul (exit): 01:31
** (833) Jason shakes his head **
(833) Jason: "I feel sorry for his friends and family, honestly... if I were a villan... Well, it'd be easy information to get."
(861) Roseary: "He does that alot in fact." She shrugs a little. "He's a little weird but who isent here?"
(833) Jason: "I like to think I'm not, although my wife probably wouldn't agree."
(824) Gemini: "I uhhh, here this town is a hot bed of special humans." She says with a smile. "We were told not to panic or anything if someone like that appeared. Unless they tried to hurt us, or steal something."
(833) Jason: "Or make your expensive clothes out of thin air and put you out of business?" Jason muses.
(824) Gemini: "There are people who try to do that. However, the one he crafted was little more than a cheap knock off, things like that always flood the market. ITs why the company I work for designs new outfits each year."
(833) Jason: "Looked pretty good to me." Jason chuckled. "But I undertsand."
(861) Roseary: "It think it's going to happen no matter what happens.." She snickers softly, thumbing over the rest of the maginze just browsing over the other dresses maybe she had something partiacular in mind.
** (824) Gemini nods, "Is there anything else I can help you with?" As she starts to head away. **
** (891) Earynn wonders if the poof was really a poof he was teaching a dance class oh well. "Hrm, I just wish there was a way to combine a few of these into a singular outfit." she continues looking around. "Not really I guess." **
(833) Jason: "Can is such a poor verb to use there..." Jason trails off.
** (891) Earynn smacks her fist against her palm as if remembering something "Yeah your supposed to use could isn't that correct?" **
(824) Gemini: (Okies, do you guys end up purchasing anything? About to move to the next part.)
(833) Jason: "...Not what I meant, but that too."
(833) Jason: ((Pfft. Nope.))
(891) Earynn: ((What do things cost?))
(861) Roseary: (( yeah I'll buy one..but have it set to sized at a differnt date ))
(824) Gemini: (Ic, a lot of money, ooc, nothing :P )
** (891) Earynn puts the catalogue down and sighs "Too rich for my blood maybe next year." **
** (813) Gabe gets the vision if he bought some of this sexy stuff, he might be able to land a girl... Of course, he also realized reality wasn't so kind as he didn't have a job, and was beat up, recovering on a couch. He'd shake his fist at the heavens, but it'd only caused him to groan more in pain. **
** (824) Gemini waves as she heads out the door, "Have fun." Moving back into the crowd. Suddenly, the lights in the entire room go out, and then the building begins to rumble, and shake. People try to go for the doors, but their sealed off... And once again, Rose could feel something. Calling her, trying to reach into her, tugging at her essence, trying to bring that dark, dark part of herself to the surface. **
** (861) Roseary stumbles a little bit. "Ugh not again...." her hands slide up to ethier side of her head. "Stop it...just stop it..." Her knees weaken slightly as her legs shake, her breath beginning to come more more rapidly as her body seems to go a bit out of her control. **
** (891) Earynn looks over at Jason "Thngs might start to get serious mind helping me roll up my slevees?" she asks offering her left one to him. **
(833) Jason: ((b, sry about that)0
whispering to Jujun, So, Uh... Jason is blind, with blindsight. IF that matters at any point in this
(833) Jason: And the lights go out! Jason doesn't notice until the whole panic thing sets in. He grabs his ears in pain and instinctively rushes to the sideo f the two giirls he was with. He looks at Earynn, "That's... a bizzar... you know what? Sure." He proceeds to roll up Earynn's left arm sleeve.
** (861) Roseary before too much longer she screams sounding slightly more primal as it gains a strange echoing noise as it ends. A soft pusle of pink light emmits from her body as she quickly transofrms the everything demon related seemes to be gone and replaced with a woman with soft pink furr and wilf pink hair as well as lightning and fire crackling around her. She exhales sharply as she calms down slightly and her body only pusles a soft pink color. She raises her eyes and slowly looks around the room as the elemental fade form around her body. After a moment she lets out another scream holding the sides of her head. "No.." she shakes it again.. "Yes..all of you...all of you killed them I know it!" She raises her arms above her asl ightning crackles over them. "Your all guilty! I must live!" **
** (891) Earynn being left hand dominant does her right with ease "Thanks are you good in the dark?" she also un buttons her vest and pullls her suspenders out and over it and rebuttons. "The clasps hurt if you get punched I know it looks a little wierd but atleast I wont have bruises from them." she explaisn just to keep her self calm. "Okay thats not normal." **
(833) Jason: "...That is what disturbs you?" At this point he is already taking several very slow steps back from the large, glowy... thing that just emerged. "Then if you don't mind, I think I'll uh..." He almost trips over a table. "Leaving..."
** (861) Roseary takes to the air leaving the ground as she floats roughly ten feet into the air before lowering her arms and unleashing many arcs of lightning into the darkness where she amuses people may sit or be. The lightning rolling off of her skin like its water seemign to be much more powerful then anything she has ever used in her other form she normal would take. **
(824) Director: People let out screams, as they try to get out, some running at the doors, others being electrocuted, but their all trapped. It was dark, even the windows seemed to be blackedo ut, the only light coming from the electricity Rose was sending through the crowd.
(891) Earynn: "As you wish. Good luck with the door I think that's what's causeing the commotion outside." she says while lazily taking up a kick boxing stance. "Looks Like I get to be Kaede Nagase fighting demons for Negi-sensi."
(833) Jason: ZAP! The smell of burning wood filled Jason's nostrels. The table he just almost tripped over was smoldering in front of him. Crackling made the location of the beast obvious, even amongst the cacaphony of human screams, all of them trying to escape. Roseary remained the only source of light for other people. "Fuuuck. Just... GODDAMN IT PAUL! Why did you bring me here?!" It was audable, even over the noise. He extends his walking stick its full length. "So, you're like, the expert, right? What the hell is this thing? How do we stop it?"
(813) [Kitty] (Hart): (( night all ))
(813) [Kitty] (Hart) (exit): 02:07
(861) Roseary: "Stay away from me!" Her echoing voice washes over the room as fire gathers into her hands, the softly glowing pink woman turned towards the paniced crowed her eyes wild tehmselves as she seems to be in a pnaiced state as well. She heaves a ball of flame where she hears the most people at. "All ofyou will pay for taking their powers from them!"
(891) Earynn: "We beat it it's Ko. thats how things usually work." one hand faintly glowing a wintery blue color and the other a sunny yellow orange. "You never read any of those comics kids are so into today?" she looks at Rose. "Ugh, this is going to be tough I've never had to beat down a girl outside of a mecha before."
(833) Jason: ((It occures to me, she's out of melee range, isn't she?))
(824) Director: (Ten feet up.)
(833) Jason: "Yeah... how are we even gonna reach her?" He takes a few steps back. The beast's pleas to be left alone falling on deaf ears. He's still paying attention to his surroundings, specifically, keeping track of how many people are being injured or dying.
(787) Super Nayomi (exit): 02:12
(891) Earynn: "You can't hit things from far way?" she smacks a cup on the floor a meter or two away with quick kick. "I guess I'm going to have to try and bring her down to our level then."
whispering to Jujun, There a backstage that's out of sight from everyone?
(824) Director: People all over the place are screaming, falling over, hiding under things. A lot are unconscious, some... Quite possibly dead.
(891) Earynn: ((Is rose the chief cause?))
(824) Director: (Hard to tell.)
** (861) Roseary with another cry of her voice it echoing around the room in a rather in-human fashion. She seemd to have located the main exit where msot the people likly have been trying to escape from being her hands up again as more fire gathers around them she seems to be prepairing the throw it at the group. **
(833) Pathway: And then one more scream from a woman nearby. "...Yeah, fuck this." He proceeds to run behind stage, out of sight and out of mind from anyone--specifically Roseary.
** (833) Jason does the above)) **
(833) Jason: ((There time for one more action before the blast of teh doomzors?))
(824) Director: Jason would find quite a few people, namely the models, producers, etc etc were hiding back there too.
(861) Roseary: (( up to the director i suppose ))
(833) Jason: ((Wouldn't it be horrendously dark in here due to the no lights thing?))
(824) Director: (Yep.)
** (891) Earynn goes full speed to rose hoping to stop her if she can "ROSEARY DON'T DO IT YEAH!" **
(833) Jason: ((Good 'nuff))
(833) Jason: All right, this should be good... Jason goes to a dark corner, and focuses his mind. Under the cloak of night, he calls forth his power suit from his pocket dimension. One, hopefully unseen sexy transformation sequence later, Pathway stood ready!
** (861) Roseary blinks slightly as she beleives she might be getting addressed clearly not reconizing the name, causeing her aim to swing wide as her pairnoina switchs to Earynn. "Don't address me! Stay away!" She floats a few feet backwards as ice begins to twist and cruel around her hands. **
(891) Earynn: "What's wrong? Why do you want to hurt these people come on down here and talk we me."
(891) Earynn: (with** me)
(833) Pathway: And a few moments later! A dark spot of black smoke extends into a ring above the party, and out of that ring drops Pathway. Okay, this is your first time with a super-villan, don't screw it up. "So... I heard a lady scream. Kinda hope she isn't the damsel in distress." He points dramatically at the beast. Sadly, he had read all of those comics these kids are into these days.
(824) Director: Pathway loses a hero point.
(833) Pathway: ((;_;))
(824) Director: (Just kidding :P )
(833) Pathway: ((*poofs into the corner to cry*))
(901) N: (FFFFFFFFFFF--)
** (891) Earynn bamphs over and hands him a cookie))) **
** (861) Roseary cluches her fist as the ice expands and she waves her arm in front of her as large shards of ice form then with another quicker and jerky movement of her arm they propel themselves at Earynn. "The time for talking is ok, their blood is on your hands!" (autofiring ice/cold [1d20+8+4] => [3,8,4] = (15) blast rank 8) **
(861) Roseary: (( err ok = over
(833) Pathway: {1d1}
(833) Pathway:  [ {1d1} -> [1] = (1) ] 
** (821) Laertes Ursus is still petitioning to have 'poof' no longer be a verb.)) **
(891) Earynn: ((So what now?))
(833) Pathway: ((What's your AC?))
(833) Pathway: ((RP your defense or getting hit?))
** (891) Earynn replaced it with 'Bamph' in his dictionary. 18.)) **
** (891) Earynn splits into speed clones dodging the poorly aimed ice one ducks under it the other pirouette's out of the way and the third tlips over the last shard and they collapse back into Earynn "Your going to have to try alot harder than that to hit me." **
(891) Earynn: ((tlips->Flips))
(833) Pathway: ((Civillians still mass maybe dying?))
(821) Laertes Ursus: ((New DBZA! Why was I not informed?))
(824) Director: (she's no longer attacking them.)
(901) N: (Because, we're conspiring against you.)
(901) N: (Thanks for the notification, though. =O)
(901) N: (22?)
(821) Laertes Ursus: ((Yep.))
(901) N: (Huzzah.)
(821) Laertes Ursus: ((Hi-freaking-larious))
(821) Laertes Ursus: ((THAT SLUUUUUT!))
(891) Earynn: ((For those of you with out eyesight you hear this incase Path is still blind.))
(824) Director: (Ear, path, do you guys attack or not?)
(901) N: ("He's dead too, isn't he?" "...Yeeeaaah...")
(891) Earynn: ((I was wondering if we could i fugred it was a surprise round we werent a part of .))
(824) Director: (You can.)
(833) Pathway: ((Oooh))
(891) Earynn: ((How High up is she?))
(821) Laertes Ursus: (("So, Frieza's not at the ship." "Correct." "And you're here." "Yes." "And the average power level of Frieza's soldiers is..." "Two-thousand!" "Ih-he-he-eeentersting..."
(821) Laertes Ursus: ))
(833) Pathway: "Right... I'll take that as a subdue it order..." And then suddenly, a portal opens up in front of Pathway, and he reaches through. A linked portal appears next to Rose's arms and he reaches for it, trying to struggle and force her limbs through other portals that start to appear to, effectively, tie her up. ((Grapple Attempt: {1d20+8}))
(833) Pathway: "Right... I'll take that as a subdue it order..." And then suddenly, a portal opens up in front of Pathway, and he reaches through. A linked portal appears next to Rose's arms and he reaches for it, trying to struggle and force her limbs through other portals that start to appear to, effectively, tie her up. ((Grapple Attempt:  [ {1d20+8} -> [12,8] = (20) ] ))
(824) Director: (New episode, squeeel!)
(861) Roseary: (( got me ))
(833) Pathway: {1d20+16} Strength Check
(833) Pathway:  [ {1d20+16} -> [20,16] = (36) ]  Strength Check
(833) Pathway: ((o.o))
(861) Roseary: [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10)
(821) Laertes Ursus: ((This is funny...))
(891) Earynn: ((Id still like to know how high above the ground she is...))
(861) Roseary: (( ten feet ))
** (891) Earynn lets out an a shoft sob "Yin Inversion. Winter's sorrow." Emotion Control Dispair 8 **
(861) Roseary: (( save? ))
(891) Earynn: ((Will 8))
(891) Earynn: ((Will 18))
(861) Roseary: [1d20+4] => [8,4] = (12)
(861) Roseary: (( going to be a nothing above a ten for me tonight lol ))
(891) Earynn: ((Your subject is shaken, suffering a 8211;2 on attack rolls, defense,))
(901) N: (That's a -2. >_>)
(891) Earynn: ((And checks what N?))
(901) N: (...What?)
(901) N: (I'm just clarifying that the jumbled 8211; was a minus sign.)
(901) N: (Copy-paste from the PDF doesn't always come across cleanly.)
(891) Earynn: (( Ahh.))
** (861) Roseary crys out in frusration as she is grabbing her voice eching around the room as she is being held against her will. As the waves of greif wash over her she crys out in frusration the elements around her suddenly change to ice forming and dancing around her body as she begins to sob softly. "No please don't do what you do to them to me..just kill me." **
(833) Pathway: "What is she talking about?" His voice was hollow and distorted, coming from behind metal like it was.
(891) Earynn: "Kismet, positive, becomes negative, a greater negative overcomes even that." her eyes glowing a wintery blue.
(833) Pathway: "That makes no sense!"
** (861) Roseary sobs softly her crys echoing around the room ice still dancing and melting around her body as she countines to cry. She sturggles to break away from the man's grasp. "Just let me go...I don't want to go there.." She trys to pull meekly away from him. [1d20+1-2] => [4,1,-2] = (3) **
(891) Earynn: "Westerners! I infused her with a great negative feeling because she was already negative it sucked her in. A great negative always abosrbs a lesser one."
(833) Pathway: {1d20} Grapple
(833) Pathway:  [ {1d20} -> [19] = (19) ]  Grapple
(891) Earynn: ((Your roller is broken.))
(904) Super Nayomi (enter): 03:05
(833) Pathway: ((I'm using serverside. XD))
(833) Pathway: "Right..." Both hands are through portals in front of him now, with several portals being open around Rose. He proceeds to rapidly close several of them, just long enough to drop her to the ground before holding her still. {1d20+16} Grapple: Pin
(833) Pathway: "Right..." Both hands are through portals in front of him now, with several portals being open around Rose. He proceeds to rapidly close several of them, just long enough to drop her to the ground before holding her still.  [ {1d20+16} -> [12,16] = (28) ]  Grapple: Pin
(904) Super Nayomi (exit): 03:05
(833) Pathway: ((Man my RP is fail this late)
** (861) Roseary just countines to sob, not really saying much eles as she semi crules up in his arms trying to make herself as small as target as she poseiably could more out of instant then anything eles. Seeming to be terrified of what is to come. **
(894) Valerie (enter): 03:11
(894) Valerie (exit): 03:11
(1) Ashton (enter): 03:12
(824) Director: Their is another loud bit of rumbling, as the ground shakes, and light begins to pour in from the windows again.
** (891) Earynn walks over and strokes her hair "It will be alright...." me looks at the rumbling "Ahh, it seems it's never this easy. I should ahve expected more." **
** (861) Roseary gasps out softly, the pink hair over her body vanishing from sight as her hair slowly turns back to green. The blue skin now visable again as horns push back from her forehead as wel las the rest of her demonic freatures areappear just as readily as they have vanished in the frist place. And soon all that is left if the little demonic looking girl gasping for breath, seeming rather exhausted. **
(833) Pathway: Still there is a disembodied hand pressing on her head, pushing her into the ground with force, while another one gets her back. Meanwhile, Pathway is still reaching through the two portals on his side of things. "...Is that it? Is it over?"
** (891) Earynn shrugs and continues to pet Roseary's hair "You back ?" **
(861) Roseary: "Oww...my face hurts..What happened." She little demon girls seemed utterly subled and on the verge of crying.
** (891) Earynn ruffles her hair with her hand sighing and summoning up a bit of that warm sunniness inside her "Yang: Peaceful Summer Days." Emotion control Calm "You went a little crazy there don't worry we stopped you." **
(861) Roseary: "I blacked out again.." She shifts a little under the force still trying to wiggle away from it. "I..I diddnt hurt anyone did I? No one has even told me what happens when I black out yet.."
** (833) Pathway sees that Rose is back to normal and withdraws his hand. "No one except those people." He points at the others in the room. **
** (891) Earynn shrugs "I didn't see you hurt anyone besides try and toss some ice at me." she gets up and looks around for some of the chairs and a table "ANYONE INJURED REPORT TO ME! ON THE DOUBLE HUP! TWO THREE! FOUR!" she cries soronously doing a fair impression of drill sergent(sp) **
(824) Director: People are fried, groaned, and a few dead. And most are scared of her.
(925) Nizhoni (enter): 03:27
(925) Nizhoni (exit): 03:27
(861) Roseary: "I can help too.." Despite this womans apprance she seemed very helpful and was walking to the ones that were dead right off as green enegry swiirls around her hands and she gently slides her hands over each perso nthat seems to be hdead. Trying to restore the life back into them. (+6 healing with rez )
(891) Earynn: "Come now he looks at them She's going to assist me in repairing you guys. Please do not be afraid of her Generating an area of calm before getting to work. Emotion Control 8 Area burst Calm. "
(833) Pathway: "...Seriously? Did you not hear the screaming?" He gestures across the room. "I don't know what your game is, or what's with the innocent act, but this needs to be taken care of as soon as possible."
** (891) Earynn does much of the same as Rose but instead of Rez it's Total healing so she focuses on the severly injured but not dead. (Total Healing +7) **
(861) Roseary: "No the last thing I remember is the lights going out.." She sheaks her head a little, passing from one dead man to the next. "I don't understand it ethier...if your offering to help I'm all horns buddy.." She seems al ittle irratated at the stern words, but she doesnt faulter in helping the downed people.
** (891) Earynn also uses her fair medicinal skills to direct triage(sp) and the like so this is over with fast efficently and with the leaset amount of death from severe conditions. "I might be able to help a bit by trying to lock your emotional states into various static blocks. But aside from that and being able to heal the Injured I doubt my skills with be all that helpfull exploring the otherside." **
(824) Director: Amazingly, once its quite clear nothing else is gonna happen, the ambulence arrives. Interesting how that happens.
** (833) Pathway watches the girls whip out their medical skills. He watches and broods a bit, but takes no further action **
** (891) Earynn barks orders to the ambulence teams making sure they do their fair share. Ensuring Rose and Herself take care of the most serious cases with their abilities. **
(861) Roseary: "I don't think it has to do anything with my emotions...It's like my power gets welled up and it's like forced out of me..I don't get it. I have no diea what happens to me what my actions are or really anythign about it. No one has eplained a single thing.." She sighs a bit seeming rather annoied now giving up as she reaches the end of the dead bodies hoping the maybe a few of them stood back up by now.
(833) Pathway: "Have you considered seeing a professional?"
(833) Pathway: "Or taking actions to make sure this doesn't happen? In any way?"
(861) Roseary: "I'm open to ideas if you have any idea what kind of professional it would take or any action it would take since I havent any damned clue..." She seems more annoyed then anythign eles how many times can she express that she does not know anything about it.
(833) Pathway: "Police? Psychology? Physisist? Not being around crowds of people in closed areas would be a nice start. Arguably you should go to jail for assault but... Uh... You healed everyone so... Yeah."
** (891) Earynn looks at Pathway "Do you know of any Mr....." she makes hand movements hoping to pull the name out of him. **
** (824) Gemini comes out, along with the other models, looking around, "Is... Everyone ok? Did anyone see where that scary green girl went?" Well, she was hiding in the back after all, along with the others... As most the hiders look around nervously. **
(861) Roseary: "So yeah..you want to ftake away my freedom and lock me up in some weird roo mand poke needles into me for the rest of my life..I'll pass!" She huffs a little seemign the idle of being trapped is the most abusrd thing ever.
(833) Pathway: "...As oppossed to these people dying or being seriously injured? Yes. That's what those incarceration systems are for."
(891) Earynn: "What scarying green girl?" she continues along "Also, Yes everyone is okay now." she pats Rose on the back. "Ineffective systems that do nothing for society. Injuries are like a river they come and go they are part of us and we will endure them wether(sp) or not she is in one of those SYSTEMS as you call them."
(861) Roseary: "I'll keep that in mind when it comes around to healing you one day..." She huffs a bit. "I'm a free person, i'm not about to get sent somewhere i would spend my entire life in mis-" She epps a little as she is patted on the back, then smiles softly. "Your not mad right? I mean it's not like I wanted to do all of that...and no one will tell me anything about what happens I don't know what to do."
(891) Earynn: "Nope but as I said I never saw you hurt anyone. There was alot going on and I tend to not believe this I don't precieve with my own senses. Maybe next time you should start by trying to take that energy out on me. It would be good practice for me anyways." she beams radiantly.
(833) Pathway: "...Oh yes, it's absolutely okay for you to go temporarily insane and destroy everything around you at--as far as it matters--random intervals. You healed everyone, so I'll let you go this time... But remember this, you hurt people. And next time you might not remember they're there to heal them. And next time it might be someone I care about on more than princible."
** (891) Earynn looks the guy over "Are all the costumed crusaders in this town like yourself blind Zealots? Or are you alone the solitary stagnant grumpy guss?" **
(861) Roseary: "Well you hurt me!" She makes a face at him and moves to semi hide behind Earynn. Reembering so she rubs her nose a little, before whispering to Earynn. "It's because I look liek this isent it?"
(901) N: (...I'm starting to think Uni's bad guys might have the right idea.)
** (891) Earynn nods and whispers gently back "He is a bigot it seems." **
(821) Laertes Ursus (exit): 03:50
(833) Pathway: "...Hun, I'm blind. I have no idea what you look like. But I know what people screaming sounds like and what fried flesh smells like. I know you caused that. If you want me to turn a blind eye to that...? Tsk. Whose the bigot?" Pathway waves his hand and a portal opens in the wall.
** (861) Roseary trys her best to resist saying somethign to that but sdecides to leave it well enough alone as she snickers under her breath, this time really hiding behind Earynn gripping onto her coat and buring her face into it as she trys her best not to laugh. Seems liek what ever she had to say she sounf it rather funny. **
** (891) Earynn snorts and squirms "Hey stop that I'm super tactile." **
** (833) Pathway steps through the portal, which closes immediately behind him. **
(861) Roseary: "Guess he has to turn a blind eye he doesnt have any choice." She snickers softly tryign to keep the blind jokes to a bare minimuime.
** (861) Roseary epps a little before she lets go of Earynn, grinng a little as she doesnt really move away from her. "Sorry! I'll keep my hands to myself." She smiles up at the much taller woman her tail swishing seeming to be happily behind her. "Thanks for standing up for me." **
** (891) Earynn chortles sunny radiance flow out from herself. "Bad pun and a bit rude but he was just as rude if not more rude to you. So how about we sit down and have a nice drink and chat?" she asks a distorted speed clone grabbing a bottle of what ever survived and setting it on a table near by. She looks Rose in the eyes deeply. "Always It's not so much your hands as it was you...." she blushes " When your that close you leave nothing to my immagination." **
** (861) Roseary almost grins a little her eyes almost shining their golden color. "Oh I'm sorry...Do you enjoy day dreaming?" She giggles softly, a tint of purple brushing over her blue cheeks before she moves to sit at the table but not so much on a chair rather just hovers in place as if she was sitting. "'l'll keep that in mind, But by all means I would love to talk more." **
(824) Gemini: (Events done, 2 pp Hope yah all had fun.)
(891) Earynn: ((Aye, always.))
(861) Roseary: (( ltons of fu neheh ))
** (824) Gemini would be dressed in a normal evening dress now, yellow hat on her head as she comes out from behind the stage. Well, time to head home she guesses... Alone... Ahem... Hint hint, nudge nudge.. **
** (861) Roseary gives a little wave to Gemini motioning her to come join her at the table to, she was really friendly too. Atleast she may have seen some of what happened too. **
(891) Earynn: "Yes, I do very much there are few pleasure greater than those your own mind can bring." she looks the lonely girl over and offers her a chair and some of the alcohol. "Miss would you mind joining us we were having a pleasent conversation admist(sp) the destruction. Maybe you might have some input?"
(901) N: (Amidst.)
** (861) Roseary snickers softly at Earynn's words. "I'll be sure to give quiet a bit to imagen then.." She gives a little wicked grin for her, as she floats around to make room for RGemini at the table, as she wings around closer to where Earynn would be. **
(891) Earynn: (Thanks doubtfull that I will ever use it properly. It's a habit i have from texting my freind she's got a Literary OCD. I hope it doens't bother anyone?)
** (824) Gemini moves over towards them, waving a little, "Uhhhh... I actually failed to see anything. When the lights went out, well, my manager pulled me into the back, said it was to dangerous. I just huddled in the back with the other girls... I saw a weird light though, and heard really scary noises..." **
(891) Earynn: "Ahh, well then she says rubbing roses back tenderly. What was all of that about the green girl you mentioned then?"
Game disconnected!